3 Tips for Zoom Teeth Whitening Aftercare

Zoom Teeth Whitening Normal, IL

Zoom!™ teeth whitening is gaining popularity. It is a teeth-whitening method capable of giving quick results. Some people try to use over-the-counter teeth-whitening solutions. An in-office Zoom teeth whitening treatment is effective. Yet, you still need to perform proper teeth whitening aftercare. If you want to learn some tips for correct Zoom teeth whitening post-treatment care, here are three tips to remember.

Preventing staining

The patient’s whitened teeth are vulnerable to staining for up to two days after the teeth whitening treatment. That is why the patient must consider drinks and foods before consuming them. Smart snacking is important. The patient must stay away from staining substances like berries, soda, red meats, and coffee.

Patients who want to have colored drinks can use a straw. This prevents the liquid from touching the teeth. Whitened teeth are more porous after the Zoom teeth whitening treatment. Any colored substance, such as lipstick, can stain the teeth.

Dentists recommend using over-the-counter teeth-whitening products to prevent the newly whitened teeth from becoming dull. The white diet is also useful during this time. This is a diet of clear beverages and foods. Egg whites, bananas, milk, and water are some examples of white diet foods and drinks. A good thing to remember is not to eat anything that can stain a white shirt.

Keeping the results

The results of teeth whitening will start to fade. This does not obligate the patient to go back to the dentist’s office to have another treatment. The dentist will hand the patient a set of custom-fit whitening trays and some Zoom teeth whitening solution. Using these can bring back the brilliance of the dulling teeth. The patient has to use the trays once every six months.

Reducing pain

Many patients report having severe tooth sensitivity after the Zoom teeth whitening. This discomfort is similar to a tingling sensation. These are called zingers. The dentist will tell the patient to apply some anti-sensitivity gel. This gel can help tone down the pain. There is a 30-minute wait time for this gel to take effect.

Anti-inflammatory medication can also help if the gel does not help the patient that much. The patient must use these medications as the dentist directed. Over-the-counter mouthwash and toothpaste can also help with dental sensitivity. The patient must use the whitening trays according to the dentist’s instructions. This is to prevent any injury to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Vitamin E oil will help soothe the areas with mild chemical burns. The patient must apply this oil several times a day after the in-office Zoom teeth whitening treatment. This must continue until the burns subside. Seeking medical attention follows if the burns do not improve.

Zoom teeth whitening needs good aftercare to maintain and even enhance results

It is important to learn how to care for your whitened teeth after your Zoom teeth whitening. Having whitened teeth is an investment. Proper aftercare should follow. Protecting and maintaining the brightness of your teeth needs discipline. Tackling any pain needs the supervision of your dentist.

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