Why Visiting an Emergency Dentist is Important

Emergency Dentist Normal, IL

An emergency dentist can treat pain, swelling, and missing fillings. A quick visit to this type of practitioner can even save a tooth. Patients who incur dental damage or accidents may wish to delay treatment until their regular dental office is open, but in many cases, this is a mistake. Calling a dentist immediately after an accident can be a crucial step to preserve the tooth or teeth in question as well as the patient’s overall oral health.

Reasons to visit an emergency dentist

Below are five of the top reasons a patient should get in touch with a dentist who provides emergency services. This dental professional may be the patient’s regular dentist, but it can often be a dentist who provides only emergency services.

  • Losing a tooth: Whether a patient got carried away playing racquetball and knocked out a tooth or tripped over a curb and fell, losing a tooth is never a small matter. Experienced emergency dentists can sometimes save a knocked-out tooth.
  • Chipping or breaking a tooth: An emergency or urgent-care dentist can help a patient who has chipped a tooth to restore the tooth and check for other signs of damage.
  • Feeling something stuck under the gumline: A tiny seed or a crumb from a sharp corn chip can cause serious damage, including painful swelling and infection if left under the gums for too long.
  • Losing a filling or a crown: Patients who lose fillings, inlays, or crowns should save the filling and try to have it replaced as soon as possible to prevent further decay and infection.
  • Noticing loose teeth: Adults, as a rule, should not have any loose teeth. Patients who notice one or more loose teeth should seek out the services of an emergency dentist.

When would a patient need to visit an emergency dentist?

It is important to see a dentist as soon as possible if a patient is experiencing any of the problems listed above, but swift attention is not always possible — especially if an unfortunate accident happened over a weekend or during a holiday. In many cases, delaying treatment will not cause long-term harm, but there are several true dental emergencies in which it is crucial to act as soon as possible.

Losing a tooth because of a fall or a sports accident is a situation that necessitates swift treatment if the patient wishes to save the tooth. Patients who have severe pain, bleeding, and obvious infection should seek out the services of an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to prevent the infection from spreading or the pain from getting worse. Patients who notice a loose tooth, or several loose teeth, should also immediately seek out the advice of an emergency dentist. 


Emergency dental visits are never convenient, but these practitioners can save teeth and alert a patient to a more severe problem such as an infection or systemic issue that may be affecting oral health. If you are experiencing any of the above signs, please call the nearest emergency dentist right away to relieve any pain and prevent further complications.

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