Will Teeth Whitening Work for Tetracycline Stain?

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Teeth whitening treatments are the least invasive way to improve the color of your teeth. These treatments use bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen carbamide to remove stains from the inner and outer layers of teeth.

However, while teeth whitening treatments work extremely well on stains caused by aging, smoking, or the tannins in food, they are not an effective way to get rid of the stains caused by tetracycline antibiotics or stains caused by fluorosis.

Tetracycline molecules lead to permanent stains that cannot be removed from teeth surfaces due to the powerful bonds that they form with teeth molecules.

How dentists whiten teeth with tetracycline stains

Teeth whitening treatments might not be effective on tetracycline stains, but there are a few other ways that dentists can go about improving the color of a patient's teeth without whitening treatments. These include:

1. Composite bonding

This is another non-invasive treatment that can be used to improve the color of a person's teeth. It is performed by applying composite resins directly to a patient's teeth. These composites are color-matched with the patient's remaining teeth, so any restorations do not stick out.

The dentist prepares the patient's teeth for the procedure by applying an etching solution to them. This roughens up their surfaces, making it easier for the composite to adhere. The dentist applies the composite to the patient's teeth in layers, hardening each layer with a curing light.

2. Veneers

These are thin, tooth-shaped covers that are cemented to the front part of a person's teeth. They serve as masks that cover flaws and discoloration on the tooth being covered. Veneers are typically recommended for stains when the problem only affects the front part of the tooth.

Fitting people with veneers requires taking off portions of the enamel to make space for the restoration. Doing this prevents the veneer from making the treated tooth appear unnaturally bulky. There are also special types of veneers called "no-prep" veneers that do not require removing any enamel.

3. Crowns

Crowns are caps that go over the entire visible part of a tooth. The crown restores the appearance of the tooth and protects it against irritants and bite forces. Crowns are typically recommended for stained teeth when the damage affects the tooth on multiple sides. Veneers would be ineffective in such a situation.

Preparing a tooth for a crown requires the removal of significant amounts of enamel. This is done to create a better fit with the crown. The process is irreversible. so a tooth that has been prepared for a crown will always need a restoration to protect it.

We can get rid of any type of stains

Getting rid of stains caused by tetracycline antibiotics can be more challenging than eliminating other types of stains, but our dentist has experience using treatments like composite bonding to whiten teeth. Call or visit our Normal clinic to set up an appointment.

Request an appointment here: https://voguedental.com or call Vogue Dental at (309) 449-8888 for an appointment in our Normal office.

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